How to see 3D structures ?

How to see 3D structures ?

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At the bottom of the result page of Pairwise 3D Alignment and Multiple 3D Alignment, you will find the following links.

3D VIEW:[3D(image)] [3D(Jmol)] [3D(Chime-plugin)] [3D(rasmol)] [superimposed PDB file]
Among them, the first four links [3D(image)], [3D(Jmol)], [3D(Chime-plugin)], [3D(rasmol)] are for viewing a predicted 3D structure. Availabilities of these three links depend on your own computer and configuration:

[3D(image)] [3D(Jmol)] [3D(Chime-plugin)] [3D(rasmol)]
Windows 95/98/NT/XP O O O X
Macintosh O O O X
Unix (Linux,SGI,Sun...) O O X O
[Necessary Softwares] nothing Java Runtime Environment(JRE) Chime-plugin RasMol

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