Matras : Protein 3D Structure Comparison

Protein 3D Structure Comparison

MATRAS : MArkovian TRAnsition of Structure evolution

Pairwise 3D Alignment

Calculation of a structural alignment for two chains

Self 3D Alignment

Detection of structurally similar regions in one chain

Multiple 3D Alignment

Calculation of multiple structural alignment for 3-10 chains

3D Library Search

Comparison of one structure vs library structures. The library is weekly updated.

PDB information

Show information about each PDB entry

Sequence Search vs PDB

Comparison of amino acid sequence vs library 3D structures. Simple 3D structure prediciton.

Download Source

Download the source of the Matras program

Help page

Kawabata T. "MATRAS: a program for protein 3D structure comparison" (2003). Nucleic Acids Res. Vol 31, 3367-9. [MEDLINE]

Kawabata T., Nishikawa.K. "Protein tertiary structure comparison using the Markov transition model of evolution" (2000). Proteins, vol 41, 108-122 [MEDLINE]

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